Cotton Wick Buyback Business

We are a leading manufacturer, service provider and supplier of velvet pencils that manufacture the machine with a unique buyback opportunity. Our PencilPencil manufacturing machine comes with two sets of Velvet pencil box machines and electronic control machine. It comes with raw material – pencil, chewing gum, brush, velvet powder and stand. It is very compact and easy to carry and works with a single-phase connection. With a proper demo, anyone can start their own business at home. At M/s. Raj Enterprises, we offer our customers buyout opportunities as well as free demonstrations and training. To learn more about the Pencil machine, watch videos on our You Tube channel. At M/s. Raj Enterprises, we offer you a unique business model with a three-year buyback facility with our customers. We supply the raw material for the production of velvet pencils – pencil, chewing gum, brush, velvet powder and support – and buy back the finished velvet pencils. About the cost of the raw material of 1000 pencils is 2000 rs, and we buy it back with 3000 rs per 1000 pencils. Our transport partners are spread all over India and deliver to your door.

Anyone can start this business without specific marketing knowledge. We manufacture fully automatic round and long cotton wick machines and Velvet Pencil machines in the field of home manufacturing companies. The motivation behind the business model of M/s. Raj Enterprises is to nurture and realize every man`s dreams of becoming a successful man. Home-based business or part-time work from home is the main pillar of our business. We are in small and medium size automatic manufacturing machines, usually «Velvet Pencil makes the machine», «fully automatic long cotton wicks that make the machine», «fully automatic round cotton wicks that make the machine», etc. M/s. Raj Enterprises is a manufacturer, service provider and supplier of semi-automatic and fully automatic cotton wick machines with a unique buyout opportunity. Our product range ranges from a round cotton wick machine, a long cotton wick machine and a combined cotton wick that makes the machine with round wick and long wick together. The automatic cotton long wick machine is very compact, easy to carry and can be used on a single-phase connection. Anyone can start the business at home with minimal space. We also offer product demonstrations and training to our customers.

For more details, don`t forget to watch our demo video. M/s. Raj Enterprises is registered under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act 2006 (MSMED). Fully automatic production capacity of digital round cotton wick machine: – 4 pencils per 30 seconds M/s. Raj Enterprises is pleased to announce more than 1000 customers earning money at home across India. More than 25 employees have teamed up with us and feel satisfied. We offer expert training and advice and the full support of a dedicated team. .

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