Credit Storage Agreement

«Letter of Credit» means any letter of credit issued under this Agreement. . this property is a self-storage property in the United States; f) There are no persons other than the real estate party and the management company in accordance with (i) the administrative arrangements handed over to the administrative agent at the time of entry into force and (ii) operate or manage these other administrative arrangements in the form and content convenient to the administrative agent. To the borrower`s actual knowledge, unless indicated in this investigation, no improvement or part of this investigation or any other part of a mortgaged property is contingent upon its access, operation or use on land, buildings or other improvements not included in that mortgage property, except access provided for in a registered easement or other right-of-way, which establishes the right of such access. The repayment, must be received by the lenders. If, for any reason, the fees paid or received on the loans result in an interest rate higher than the maximum rate, the lenders will credit the lender of the loans (or, if this debt has been paid in full, will reimburse the payer for these fees), the part of these fees that is necessary to induce the interest paid on the loans to generate a rate, which corresponds to the maximum rate. All amounts paid or agreed upon to holders of the Loans for the use, omission or holding of the Loans shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, be amortized, prorated, allocated and distributed equally throughout the term of this Agreement, so that the interest rate is uniform throughout the term of this Agreement. The provisions of this Article govern all agreements, whether now or later, whether written or oral, between the Parties. Without notice to the borrower or any other natural or legal person, the maximum rate, if any, will automatically fluctuate upwards and downwards depending on the amount by which this maximum interest rate permitted by applicable law fluctuates.

. The borrower is not engaged in the loan for the purpose of buying or accounting for margin shares (within the meaning of Regulation U issued by the Council) and no proceeds from a loan will be used to purchase or transfer margin shares. (viii)none of the business activities of the borrower or any of its subsidiaries or, to the real knowledge of each creditor party, of an owner of premises currently leased by the borrower or one of its subsidiaries, or of a lessee of premises currently leased by the borrower or one of its subsidiaries, related to or having previously participated in the production, transportation, processing; the storage or disposal of hazardous waste as defined in Part 261.3 of Article 40 of the C.F.R. (in force on the date of this Agreement) or any state, local, territorial or foreign equivalent that violates environmental laws; and….

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